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Our vision and values

Housing Plus Group is a substantial regional housing organisation, strongly connected with its communities and stakeholders, with 18,000 homes across Staffordshire and Shropshire. Our recent merger with Stafford and Rural Homes has brought together the expertise and capability of the existing teams and created exciting opportunities to develop and grow the Group and it’s Care and Property businesses, whilst maintaining a clear focus on continuing to deliver the good quality homes and services.

As a significant employer of around 800 staff, an investor and economic contributor across two counties, this Corporate Plan is designed to demonstrate how the new Group’s objectives during the two year integration period will provide a firm foundation to enable the delivery of our ambitious merger objectives. Our plans are based around making a positive difference in three key areas: homes, lives and communities.

Our vision

Making a positive difference - homes, lives and communities

Our values - CLARITY

Developed by our staff and board to express how we work with each other, our customers and stakeholders. Work continues with stakeholders to describe what we mean by our values to help us create our culture.

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